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IŁ Capital is a group of subsidiaries that have been winning local and international markets for many years. We have many years of experience and extensive competence which enable us to skillfully navigate in the industry around the world. We started in Croatia and Dubai in the fast-growing and dynamic sectors of finance and real estate. We have dealt with large amounts of money, managed very large projects, and handled huge responsibility. This has taught us how to keep our commitments and how to look at them so that even on multi-stage and complex projects we never lose sight of the main objective.

01. Strategy

We analyze the customer’s needs and carefully look at the individual conditions. We find possible ways to achieve the objectives and take determined actions to achieve what we want to achieve. Many years of experience in complex international markets has given us knowledge and tools that we use to increase our effectiveness.

02. Professionalism

Financial solutions must be perfectly tailored to the needs. We simplify procedures, shorten the time needed to raise funds for investments, circumvent obstacles, and overcome difficulties – with us, business financing is simple and extremely intuitive. And we do all of this with your capabilities in mind. Make the most of our potential.

03. Effectiveness

Our effectiveness has been demonstrated on numerous successful projects. The Dry Marina in Gazenica, Croatia, the construction of a housing estate in Zadar – in cooperation with Jadran Invest, implementation of a construction project on the island of Osljak, cooperation with Cordia Management Poland in the domestic market – this is only a small part of what we have managed to do for our customers. Aim high, become one of them!

Guarantee of reliability

For your success, rely on the right people

The pillar of IŁ Capital is Igor Łukasik. A former professional volleyball player whose career was suddenly interrupted by an injury. He is still in touch with the current world champions. Sport taught him that the loser is the one who doesn’t try. The will to fight, consistency, unbroken character, faith in success, and extensive competences supported by education, qualifications, and experience, allowed him to enter the world of big finance with impetus. He is fluent in English and Croatian, which enables him to make many interesting contacts around the world. He has extensive experience in the international real estate market. What is his greatest strength? He is an excellent negotiator: “Bold decisions, knowledge of people, openness, and the associated ability to communicate with them – this is a powerful weapon in the difficult art of negotiation. By never losing sight of the target, I’m sure I can always win.

Our team

Igor Łukasik

CEO of IŁ Capital

Born in 1989, open-minded and convinced that limits exist only where we set them for ourselves. Energetic, goal-oriented, and extremely precise in action.

What can we do for you?

Land acquisition

We will find attractive land, taking into account the needs of the future investment project, and we will conduct the purchase/sale process – until the transaction is finalized.

Standardization of the legal status of land for developers

We solve complex legal problems related to land from the initial stages of planning – with us you will achieve your objective effectively.


Loans in amounts from PLN 200,000 to PLN 14,000,000 secured by real estate, with the financing period from 1 to 24 months. We perform a reliable valuation and the payment is divided into convenient installments. We finalize projects in 3-7 days, because time is money. We do not require clean credit records.

Consulting for start ups

We know international markets, we know the financial industry and the real estate industry, we know how to effectively operate in them and we move efficiently in the fast-paced business world. Would you like to receive a recipe for success? We’ll make it all work with us!

Debt restructuring

Liquidity problems? Unfavorable contracts? Receivers, bailiffs, banks – do not bury your head in the sand. Get back on the track! We will work out an effective plan for you to restructure your debt.

Flexible offer

Didn’t you find a solution to your problems in our offer? Contact us, our capabilities go much further – we can certainly help you.

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