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Are you looking for a way to multiply your capital?

Do you want to invest money with guaranteed profit? At IŁ Capital we will help you to achieve your goals.

We are engaged in investing money with a focus on high profit. We securely invest our customers’ money in real estate. Since we know almost everything about the real estate industry in Poland and around the world, we successfully search for the best items on the market, focusing exclusively on profitable locations in large cities.

Multiply your assets

Effectiveness and security

Such a capital investment makes it possible to achieve high profits and to avoid investment risk. The benefits are guaranteed and the amount of the profit depends on the size and time of the investment.

Minimum contribution starting at PLN 200.000.

Minimum investment period of
12 months.

The interest rate on the capital is to be agreed depending on the amount invested.

“Money makes money, but only when decisions are supported by the knowledge and experience of a man who knows how to invest it”

Igor Łukasik, IŁ Capital

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