IŁ Capital grants loans for any purpose. If you need funds to finance your projects – with us you can easily achieve it. If your financial situation is complicated, we will help you to protect your assets.

Contact us and tell us about your needs and we will let you know what we can do for you!

Tell us about your needs

And we will tell you what we can do for you!

Check for yourself if working with IŁ Capital pays off!

Loans secured by real estate

We offer loans secured by real estate. The purpose of the loan is of no importance to us – our role is to provide you with the funds you need. Flexible loan forms – we do not check your credit worthiness, we do not verify the BIK or KRD credit and economic information databases, we offer extremely attractive repayment terms and contract terms and conditions that are negotiable and tailored to your individual needs.

Debt redemption

If something has gone wrong in your financial decisions, if the bank took over the property that you have bought for a loan, or if there is a receiver or bailiff involved – we will help you to solve your problems and return to a financial equilibrium. We offer purchase of receivables secured by real estate and purchase of bank debt, thus enabling the recovery of real estate lost to a bank, as well as purchase of debt from individuals and receivers, and repayment of bailiff’s orders.

We have an advantage

There are no insurmountable problems; with IŁ capital you will regain your balance!

  • Loans starting from PLN 200,000.
  • Credibility and confidence – always effective and always on time.
  • Transparent rules – no hidden costs or nuances written in “fine print.”
  • Flexibility – we always adapt the terms of the contract to the situation and to the abilities and preferences of the customer.
  • Minimized formalities – we have reduced the formalities to the necessary minimum, because time is money.
  • Money for anyone – we do not check credit history or credit worthiness.

No more financial problems!

The offer of IŁ Capital is addressed to companies and individuals who expect more. Unlike bank contracts, you can negotiate with us the terms of the contract and change the length of the period of the loan during the term of the contract. We offer attractive loan interest rates, tailored individually to the needs and conditions of the contract.

Contact us for a free consultation. We will be happy to work with you!

We will help you to get rid of the burden imposed by your bank, a receiver, or a bailiff, or your liabilities to individuals.

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